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Disability is a Matter of Perception.
"We care for you"

Unveiling Sydney's First SDA Robust Accommodation

SDA Robust homes are custom-designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with unique behavioural needs. Robust homes are constructed with a focus on resilience and accessibility, using materials and features that prioritize the well-being of both residents and the community. The goal is to create spaces that minimize risk and reduce the need for frequent maintenance

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Our Mission

In just seven years, Sunnyday Carers has rapidly grown to 40 group homes and a wide range of services including support coordination, day programs, in-home care, and training.


Our services are designed for people with a wide range of types of disabilities. This includes intellectual, physical, mental health and sensory disabilities.

Diverse and Flexible
Care Options

Our staff are here to provide you with care and support based on your individual needs. Whether in the form of recreation, support at home or the workplace, respite or transport, we can help you.

We provide solutions for your material, physical, emotional, social, education, or spiritual needs. 

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Group home

A place you can call home.

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Day programs

Our tailored programs are designed to meet your unique needs.

Bowling In Wheelchair

In-home Care

At Sunnyday Carers, we assist people with disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Support Group

Support Coordinator

We have the flexibility to adjust to your own unique requirements

Senior Physiotherapy

Therapeutic Care

We offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic care solutions to help individuals heal, grow and thrive.

Our Services

Our Success

Client Experience

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(a client)

My son has Down Syndrome and has struggled to find safe and stable accommodation in the community. After a year staying with Sunnyday Carers in one of their group homes he is now on track to having an easier and happier life. He has become more sociable and is more confident interacting with others. I really appreciate what the organization has done for my son.

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