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Hands Up


We have the flexibility to adjust to your own unique requirements.

Support Coordination works in consultation with you to optimise the usage of your personal NDIS funds that have been put in place for you.

We do our best to accommodate your needs.



We focus on strengthening your ability to undertake tasks.


This includes helping you with the financial management of your supports.

We handle tasks such as; making payments to providers on your behalf, 
the processing of claims, and providing monthly budget statements.

We also assist you to select providers and to develop service agreements.


Join us on a social group or on another community activity. 


We can help teach you how to properly use public transport or to drive. We can get you to play an instrument or sing in a choir. You can go to the footy or even relax at the cinema, and watch a movie.

Group Homes

At Sunnyday Carers, we believe everyone deserves a place to call home, and we have made this our primary mission. We have 17 group homes across Western Sydney.

Day Programs

From learning new skills to finding work, or just enjoying Australian nature, we offer both indoor and outdoor activities to suit your needs. 

Looking for another disability support service?

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