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Our Story

Sunnyday Carers was founded in 2014 by Kevin Kordrostami - driven by a passion for those in need. 

Kevin desired to create a business that could truly be beneficial to all people with a disability,


In just five years, Sunnyday Carers has rapidly grown to 40 group homes and a wide range of services including support coordination, day programs, in-home care, and training. 

Our services are designed for people with a wide range of types of disabilities. This includes intellectual, physical, mental health and sensory disabilities.


Through the combined experience of our 200+ staff, we are capable of providing the care and support to help you become more independent and so you can have a meaningful life.


CEO (Kevin Kordrostami)


Kevin Kordrostami is the CEO of Sunnyday Carers. He has made it his personal mission to provide worthwhile services to people with disabilities. He achieves this through using his broad history in both the nursing industry as well as the disability industry. He has qualifications as both an Anesthetic Nurse and as a Psych Nurse.


Kevin came to Australia as a young and ambitious man. He worked as an Anesthetic Nurse for Kemp Nursing Agency and ASEPS, where he practised in many different private hospitals for ten years. Some of these hospitals include St George Private Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital, Concord Hospital and Macquarie University Hospital for example. Through his experiences as an Anesthetic Nurse in highly professional environments, he was able to gain invaluable communication skills and life-saving skills.


As a carer, Kevin worked for ADHC (Aged Disability and Home Care) between 2006 and 2018 in 10 different group homes. This opportunity gave Kevin vast experience with numerous disabilities and mental health issues, as well as the knowledge on how to treat people with disabilities. This was crucial in the development of his skills as a carer. While he was in the homes he found himself practically running them. Because of this, his management skills became more refined.


Kevin worked as a Psych Nurse in the East Wing of the Manly Hospital, the Commons Unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital and the Northside Clinic in St Leonard's and Cremorne. His time spent as a Psych Nurse has drastically helped his development as a carer and it broadened his experience in disability care, aged care and mental health care. 


As Kevin worked in the East Wing of the Manly Hospital, he discovered that after the patients were discharged they would return quite quickly and regularly. The hospital seemed to be the only option for these people; there wasn't any other place that could help them. However, the hospital couldn't accommodate the patients for very long, so they would return frequently. This is when Kevin had his initial thoughts about Sunnyday Carers.


He desired to fill the gap in the industry; to look after every person in need in the community.

Kevin and his team have created a business that has progressively grown larger and more successful throughout the Western Sydney area. Through the combination of his experience and his determination, he has been able to achieve his goal of providing valuable services to people that have a disability.

Our Team

With over 140 highly qualified staff, we only employ people with a genuine desire to make a difference.


What makes us unique is that our staff have the skills and qualifications to satisfy your requirements, and we have the flexibility in our services to accommodate all of your needs.

Our team is qualified in dealing with complex cases, including prisoners who are now positively contributing to society.


As we continue to expand, we are always on the lookout for excellent team staff to join us. If you're looking to add meaningful purpose to your work, please contact us.

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